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Clarins has been producing luxury French skincare, cosmetics and perfumery for over 50 years. With the pioneering belief that well-being and happiness are inextricably linked to beauty, they have built their empire through expert products that are continually inspired by consumers’ desires for luxury beauty.

During my time as a creative lead, it has been my aim to convey their classic and premium feel through every piece of content that I produce for the company, whilst continually striving to increase their customer base.

Working as a lead creative across all digital channels for Clarins UK and Mugler UK, I have played a core role in creating engaging content across a variety of digital platforms for potential consumers.

As an already established brand, my sole priority is to maintain the high-quality appeal of Clarins and Mugler, whilst finding new ways to engage leads, keep them engaged along their customer journey with the brand, and ultimately, convert them into sales.

Working across a variety of digital platforms means that no two days are the same. As a result, I have grown to respond well to change and can be adaptive to whatever a task demands of me.

As I am involved in all aspects of customer acquisition, I am also involved in creating and designing responsive email campaigns to send out to those already subscribed to our database. Again, with the intent to drive conversions, I specialise in creating dynamic and personalised mailings, using technologies such as countdown times and personalised name tags.

With such a huge focus on mapping and refining the full online customer journey, I have gained extensive experience in developing website wireframes, optimising UI/UX for web pages without impacting the responsiveness or loading speeds. By analysing customer behaviour, I am able to produce strategic solutions to optimise their experience online and ensure a streamlined process from acquisition to sale.

In addition to drawing consumers in via emails and website, I was also involved in creating captivating social media content that engaged users and subsequently, drove traffic to the website. Aside from creating solely original organic posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this also involved targeting specific communities with Facebook ad link posts, producing Canvas stories, Pinterests pins and interactive Carousel posts.

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