Kiko Milano has a bold, young and beautiful aesthetic. I was proud to work as their digital campaign designer for two years and my work during that period holds a dynamic vibrancy communicated across social media and photography.

My job was to do more than present their cool, chic and aspirational look to their potential customer base. I had a core role in crafting it. I spent my days either creating shareable and accessible social media content or working on the bigger picture sales content. Depending on the budget for a project, I would either work with outside photographers to capture the perfect image for a product, or if that wasn’t possible, I would take them myself.

This developed my project management skills and ability to provide feedback on post-production processes and shape a concept from beginning to end. The images I took myself were lovingly coaxed from my own shoots, or existing digital assets, all from a tiny studio I built myself in the office. As you can see from the sleek, professional and vivacious images I created, this was a period of immense creativity and I carry that vibe and energy into everything I do today.

Kiko Milano also taught me not to be afraid of big projects. When I first landed the job, I was quickly tasked with introducing new website functionalities and in particular, refining the purchase journey and introducing the option of dynamic color variants for each product on the website. This also required me to manage the reshoot of the entire catalogue of 2000+ Kiko eCommerce products with a new agency. Even though I was new to that environment I jumped at the chance to make something beautiful and meticulously directed the works and retouch processes.

I’m very proud of this work, particularly the way I developed the photographic guidelines for the catalogue – including how a certain type of product should be shot, the right angles to make the product shine, how goods were positioned and the tiniest details of the lighting and groupage images. Together we made something striking, saleable and effortlessly slick.

Great design is always about colour. A makeup and beauty brand knows this more than most. I offer immaculate attention to detail in my work and this was never more apparent than when managing the colour match for the Kiko Milano materials. Every single one of those images received my attention as I exactly compared the colours of the makeup shown with the actual shades collected in the product range.

Details are crucial. Style is crucial. The Kiko Milano catalogue and social media assets I created are a great example of why my skills and experience were crucial to getting a brand’s presentation just right.


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