This print campaign is part of a fully integrated campaign developed for fashion brand Kalopsya to promote their FW14 collection ‘Paracelso’.

The collection is inspired by the Japanese star festival of Tanabata Matsuri. Japanese people usually celebrate this day by writing their wishes on strips of coloured paper and hanging them on bamboo stalks. To the designer, these pieces of paper were reminiscent of the distorted pixels typical of glitch art – an aestheticization of digital or analog errors that makes use of bugs in technology and turns them into powerful works of art.

These pixels and bugs herein become a metaphor of human desire, fragments of dreams, there to remind us that another world is possible if only we dare to follow our heart.

Likewise the core idea of the campaign is to question cultural assumptions of reality by juxtaposing an individual perception of truth and self-awareness versus mass-centric thinking. Throughout the campaign we see these girls so disappointed by the world around them, they decide to shut their eyes close and live in their own imagination.

In particular, both this print campaign and the digital lookbook were influenced by the works of Japanese artist Izumi Miyazaki, whose surreal self-portraits seem to express the difficulty of a connected youth to live in a real world.

From the same project, you might also want to check out the Paracelso digital lookbook and promotional video on this website.


Project Details

Photography and Postproduction: Laura Della Valle
Clothes Kalopsya by Ornella Sofia Raineri
Model: Hym Leigh
Make Up and Hairstyle: Laura Ternullo
Art direction and concept: Stefania Laurenziello

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    • Art Direction
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